What Kind Of School Furniture Should We Provide For Students?

- Aug 25, 2020-

Students ought to study in a safe, healthy and beautiful environment, especially for those younger students. Research has shown that the students will greatly affect their attention and writing skills, when in the imperfect ergonomics of chairs. In the meanwhile, the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods has been increasingly suspected, and the utility of alternative methods has also been paid more attention. Considering to the future configuration of school furniture, there ae four suggestions as follows: 


1. Sports and activity space

It is important to provide enough space for students to exercise in he classroom.

2. Height-adjustable desk

Same as office tables, student desks can be adjusted to match with the students' height in different grades.

3. Furniture with wheels

Tables and chairs with wheels promote the furniture flexibility.

4. Convenience to share ideas

Stimulating students' creativity and cooperation.

Therefore, school furniture should be up to date and flexible.