What's The Difference Between Solid Wood And Plank?

- May 11, 2019-

With its rich and changeable colors, free and flexible space combination, simple and fashionable shape, free and unrestrained lines, bright and fresh colors, full of fashion passion. The arbitrary combination function of different school furniture fully meets the modern people's pursuit of personal taste and the need of healthy home life.

Solid wood furniture is slightly lighter than particleboard and MDF furniture, and the surface of solid wood furniture feels more textural, while general artificial board furniture feels more dry and astringent. Solid wood furniture will emit a more crisp sound, while the sound of wood-based panel products is relatively low.

Solid wood furniture is a series of furniture made of natural wood, showing wood texture as a whole, natural environmental protection; while panel furniture is made of artificial medium-fibre board, particleboard, and decoration on the surface, although it can also show wood grain, but it pollutes the living room greatly.