What Should We Pay Attention To When Designing Homes

- Nov 29, 2019-

   We live in indoor spaces for a long time, and the suitability of interior furniture design greatly affects the quality of our lives. From the long-term perspective of healthy homes, we should pay attention to a lot of things in home design.


   1. the "fitness" of furniture

    The favorite furniture purchased in different periods and places can be mixed and peaceful under a basic premise, which is one of the important conditions to be considered in home design. How to turn a drawing or a design in my mind into a fresh home, the test for us is actually very big.


  2. Environmental protection of household items

    Home improvement pollution, mainly from the materials used in decoration, emits toxic and harmful pollutants, pollutes the indoor environment and endangers human health. For home improvement furniture, the pollutants come from a variety of artificial panels, sandwich panels, adhesives and other materials.


  3. Rationalization of the overall spatial layout

   Pay special attention to the rational arrangement of the space. This is the basic requirement for the interior decoration design, so if you pay attention to this problem, and solve the space problem skillfully, it can also save the decoration time and cost. The overall space layout is rationalized and will be more conducive to ventilation.


  4. Light problem in interior space

    People love nature, so they often like to put the sun directly into the room, making the room brighter and less dark, making the interior design space more natural. Therefore, pay special attention to the problem of light when designing interiors. It can give people a sense of comfort, relaxation of mind and body. In short, it can bring people a variety of feelings, and energy saving. Direct use of natural light is also a kind of indoor disinfection. Effective way.