What We Concern About School Furniture When We Design It?

- Jan 08, 2021-

  The major design concepts of our products conform to ergonomic and ecological concerns.

a. Chair Designs: tilting design (larger in the front and smaller in the back) that is optimized for supporting the spine and improving wrong sitting gestures. Generally speaking, many other products simply apply adult design in children’s ones. For example, revolving chairs may result in difficulty in attention, and soft stuffed chairs are poised to wrong gestures.

b. Desk Designs: Larger than official-approved ones on desk panels. Users may not worry about the smaller desk or limited living space.

Space Designs: Extra-large drawer space design, loadable for all books needed for school. Deskside with a hook design to load up to 10kgs of schoolbag in weight. No mess of books and schoolbags anymore.