When Purchasing Student Desks And Chairs, You Must Find A Professional School Furniture Manufacturer

- Oct 20, 2020-

    There is an old saying says Industry specializing in surgery. It just the same when it came to purchasing student desks and chairs. With the growth of the economy, more and more parents are beginning to attach importance to the education of their children. At the same time, schools have begun to pay more and more attention to various issues such as the quality of school furniture and the quality of teachers' teaching. Therefore, when school leaders purchase student desks, chairs, and dormitory beds, they must find a school furniture manufacturer with a strong background. Only good formal manufacturers can have the strength to make safe and reliable student dormitory beds. They can even make products of different specifications according to the different needs of customers, whether in terms of shape, color, and selection of different materials. In this way, a better learning environment can be created for students.


     The basic criteria for choosing school furniture custom manufacturers are environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and harmless. Everpretty Furniture thinks this is the most important point. Students are our future. School furniture with excessive formaldehyde will have a huge negative impact on students' bodies. However, the term "zero formaldehyde" has become a term for many furniture products. Propaganda slogans such as "sheets and glue are environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free" have become standard online and offline propaganda of many companies, to respond to consumers' safety requirements for "formaldehyde-free". In fact, at this stage, the biggest international standard for sheet metal is the E0 grade sheet, and the E0 grade sheet is not completely formaldehyde-free.

    For board school furniture, since the glue is inevitably used in the production process, customers do not need to be particularly obsessed with "formaldehyde-free", as long as it is an E0-level board that meets international standards, it is already environmentally friendly. The perception that solid wood furniture must be environmentally friendly and panel furniture must exceed the standard formaldehyde is out of context.

    For the health of the children, if the school needs to purchase student desks and chairs, it must find a regular professional manufacturer. This will not only provide a lot of discounts on prices but also solve all purchasing needs at once. After all, Yifanmei is a large manufacturer with complete products and one-stop ordering of all the furniture needed for the school. Everpretty Furniture is a manufacturer specializing in school furniture for 25 years. It has a complete product series to meet your one-stop procurement needs, including classroom furniture, student dormitory beds, library furniture, school public furniture, and other series of furniture.

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