Whiteboard Market Board

- Nov 13, 2020-

   Whiteboard it’s widely used for the school classroom, the durable non-magnetic markerboard surface is laminate backing that provides a super-smooth surface to write on; erases cleanly. includes an eraser, 4 assorted color markers, and full-length marker tray hangers for easy mounting. satin anodized aluminum, We have a variety of hall and wall furniture for your school, improving on display options around the corridors, in the classroom, and most importantly, providing great quality whiteboards to aid your pupils with their learning.

    We have a wide range of sizes of whiteboard available for your classroom, so you are able to find the perfect size for your classroom. All of our whiteboards are easy-wipe so that writing stays legible from the back of the classroom, even after extreme use. They are also double-sided so that they can be flipped over, doubling their life. With a 3-year guarantee, you won't be left disappointed with our whiteboards. They also come with a pen tray.