Why Is My Whiteboard So Dirty ?

- Oct 12, 2019-

If you have an old, well-used whiteboard in you classroom, you might see something a little strange --ghosts! Not the spooky kind if you are seeing those, that’s up to you.

Now today I just talk about the ghosts of lectures past--faded words and numbers.



Dry erase markers are designed to write on smooth, hard surfaces and erase without a trace. So how come they’re sometimes so hard to erase?

The one reason is that the surface of whiteboard.

As dry erase markers only work if you’re drawing on the right kind of surface.

What can you do to get rid of the leftover marks?

we must choose the best whiteboard.

It’s extremely smooth with no pores at all.

Such as this one:

The material are high quality magnetic surface, zinc coated steel sheet back and aluminum frame.

The surface is very strong and scratch-resistant.




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