Customized Gym Metal Locker Cabinet Staff Locker China Locker Factory

Customized Gym Metal Locker Cabinet Staff Locker China Locker Factory

How to judge the quality of steel cabinet? Recently. a lot of customer asked why some metal locker so cheap and some are so expensive. What's more wonderful is that the quality of steel cabiet with similar price is not at the same level at all.In fact, no matter in which industry there are such problems, different raw materials, survival technology ann even service determine the final price and quality. Today we would like to talk about the knowledge of the judging the quality of steel cabinet.Steel plate thickness.The thickness of the base materials is one of the most important determinant of the stability and durability of the steel cabinet.First of all, the thickness of the substrate must be the thickness of the bare plate,that is the thickness of the steel cabinet before surface spraying treament.In the market, there are different specification steel palte for sale,the thikness between 0.3mm-0.8mm are easy to find. however 0.7mm-0.8mm is the threshold for this industry.
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We are the professional manufacturer of school and office furniture with 20 years experience.Our main product cover locker, student desk & chair, green board, metal bed , dining table set,lab table, office desk & chair, file cabinet,bookcase, bookshelf, sofa, banquet chair.

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Item number: DG-31DG-31 locker


                                          Item number: F-22


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Size material and design can be customized sa per your requirement.please feel to contact us for further information.


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